Our journey has humble beginnings.Our mission is that we aspire to shift the paradigm of food industry with all Natural Nutrition,Best Quality,Sheer Purity and Hygiene.We want to encourage people towards healthy food choices.We decided to begin with the most basic and indispensable ingredient of Indian kitchen – cooking oils.

In 2017, we set up a small scale industry for manufacturing Wood Cold Pressed Oil, or locally called “Kacchi Ghani oil”, in Jaipur. With the help of our expert team R&D, we designed a traditional manufacturing process that achieves the best product quality & nutrition with consistency.Our oils are made from the finest quality food grade seeds & nuts sourced from farms in Northern India. We take utmost care to preserve their complete nutrition, taste and aroma.

In last three years that followed, we were happy to receive overwhelming feedback from our customers. We wanted to reach out to more people who are still doesn’t take benefits of it, in accordance to our mission.Today our products are available in Healthyfoodbazaar Store, Retail outlets and also on E-commerce platform.Our customers trust & feedback has help us in the growth of our mission. The quality of our oils has seen no slump, it only gets better & better. We are constantly evolving our practices to meet your daily nutrition needs.

As a part of our larger vision, we work to create awareness about the benefits of naturally processed cooking oils and other grocery foods. In this line, we planned to create a portfolio of healthy grocery food products in near future.

What We Stand For

-Natural & Traditional Manufacturing Process With Minimal Intervention.

-Delivering Authentic Nutrition,Taste & Aroma Of The Ingredients.

-Zero Heating Involve In Process For Total Nutrition Preservation.

-Use Best Quality Grade Seeds & Nuts In Process.

-No Use Of Any Harsh Chemical & Solvent In Process

-No Use Of Any Synthetic Additives & Preservatives.

-Maintain The Highest Level Of Purity & Hygiene.