About us

Healthy Food Bazaar is very top quality and FSSAI certified company. And, one of India’s leading cold pressed oil manufacturer and supplier.Our cold pressed oil brand is in the name of HFB. Which is known as HFB Cold Pressed Oil/Real Kacchi Ghani Oil. We test each batch of oils that are produced on certified labs. This ensures the purity & consistency of our oils that we produce and helps us be 100% confident in the product that we are selling. We re-introduce a traditional theme to the oil market in a smarter way. Being a sustainable business, our focus is to enhance Human Health by allowing people to access a great range of quality oils and to bring and spread the traditional knowledge of cold pressed oils into the modern era. We specialize in bringing high quality and premium cooking oils in order to make our customers healthy, beauty and goodness. Ensuring Quality – From farmers to bottles – naturally Team @ Healthy Food Bazaar is primarily focused to bring the edible oil should be real and from nature available to everyone. We have taken up this ambitious project and moving to each & every Indian household that our great ancestors used 1000 years ago.

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